Transforming your Patterns into Power

Begins Wednesday Feb 13th 6-8pm PST via Zoom

* Transform unhealthy patterns of relating into sources of personal power.

 * Learn embodiment techniques specifically designed to reprogram neural pathways, so that you STOP repeating the same stories in life that are no longer serving you. 

* Cultivate a practice of learning how to hold your own grounded power, rather than give it away to others, even in highly charged/emotional situations. 

* Receive support from a container of 13 powerful womxn, committed to exponential expansion. * Develop tools to empower you in communicating needs, boundaries and desires.

 * Release the weight of guilt for times in your life when your choices and actions have not reflected your most authentic nature.

* Embrace your own gifts within an emergent leadership container, and be held, supported and encouraged into creating more than you ever imagined was possible in 2019. Yes…you get to have it all.

This online, closed container, interactive and LIVE course, is for ALL femme identified folks.

This is a course for shedding the layers of belief systems and behavioral patterns we have accumulated through generations. It is a journey of building relationship with the aspects of Self that have felt denied, ignored, and silenced. It is an invitation to nourish the seed of creation that exists within you.

As our roots run ever deeper into the fertile earth, together we will be learning how to compost that which no longer serves us. Every story we have that has been holding us back, contains its own potent medicine that is ready to be alchemized into grounded power.

Through the Womb of Winter we will begin to dive deep in the excavation of our relationship to POWER.

In the unravelling of THE MOTHER WOUND we uncover ways to reclaim the essence within us that has previously felt muted. We work out, together, to ask for what we want and embrace our desire as sacred. In this remembering, we get to reweave what has been passed down to us into something that serves and supports our path of expansion.

EMBODIED WISDOM practices guide us on this journey into our inner wilderness, keeping us safely tethered as we spelunk our way through the birth canals of alchemical transformation.

We will celebrate our mid point with an Equinox Ritual, before stepping into the first days of Spring together, spending the second part of the course in active creation of what we want to build for the year. This course will equip you with tools to take forward in your most expansive year yet.

Your Facilitator

phoenix waters

Phoenix is an intimacy facilitator and embodiment coach with a focus on unraveling the Mother Wound. Through the practices of Ritual, Somatic Inquiry and Sincere Communication skills, she guides people on an exploration of self embodiment, with the intention of empowering them with the tools they need to heal themselves. An embracer of all aspects of humanity, the good the bad and the ugly, she celebrates the ability of attuning to our needs and desires as a path of healing. Phoenix is the founder and curator of The Temple of Artemis in Grass Valley, a sacred community space with events focused on connection, intimacy, communication and ancestral healing.


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